Counselling (Individual & Family)


Individual Councelling :
It sn one-on-one conversations with a trained therapist and it is Private and confidential.
Focused work on your specific issues.which occurs exclusively between a client and a mental health clinicianA non-judgmental, objective viewpoint about your situation or problem.
More one-on-one time with the counselor or therapist.Sessions focused on you and your problems,allowing you to dig deeper and progress faster.Flexibility and convenience in scheduling sessions for outpatient treatment.Practice in building trust and having a healthy relationship.

Family Counseling

We approach that attempt to use the family’s strengths and resources to help them live without drugs or alcohol.It also seeks to reduce the harm of addiction on both the substance abuser and his or her family.Additional issues may also be addressed in treatment, such as parenting skills, abuse, depression, family conflict and unemployment.