Inpatient hospitalization



Inpatient treatment is the most immersive level of care someone can receive.It can provide intensive, 24-hour care under the direction of our team of experts and professionalsEffective treatment is essential to improve outcomes for people with substance abuse issues.These treatments should be individualized, readily available, and well-rounded to address the full needs of the individual, not only their addiction

Hospitalization :

ACCORDING TO ONE ESTIMATE, one in five patients admitted to a hospital suffers from an alcohol use disorder (AUD) such as alcohol abuse or dependence.
1 Other data indicate that one in four medical-surgical patients admitted to a hospital has an AUD.
2 Consequently, hospital nurses care for many complex patients who experience alcohol withdrawal in the ED or a nursing unit.
Yet patients at risk for alcohol withdrawal aren’t always obvious, and signs of alcohol abuse can be obscure.
3 Patients who drink heavily may not recognize that they have a problem, or be embarrassed and minimize their drinking pattern, not realizing that alcohol withdrawal can be life-threatening.