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Alcohol education is the planned provision of information and skills relevant to living in a world where alcohol is commonly misused.
[1] The World Health Organisations (WHO) Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health, highlights the fact that alcohol will be a larger problem in later years, with estimates suggesting it will be the leading cause of disability and death.
[2] Informing people on alcohol and harmful drinking should become a priority.

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1) Private and shared Bedroom
20 Beds are well furnished and ventilated

2) 24*7 Health Care Assistance
Our Staff Nurses are well trained to handle with any Psychiatric Emergency

3) 24*7 Patient Care Support
Our Care takers work closely with patients to ensure patient hygiene, Diet & Safety

4) 24*7 Patient Safety & Security
Our Security services are well trained & equipped to deal with violent patients

5) Laundry Service
Services provided for physically challenged and physically ill patients