Social Psychology

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Group Therapy can help people in several ways:

It is a form of counseling that is used to treat psychological disorders including substance abuse and addiction which involves regular sessions where therapists work with several individuals who are being treated for the same health issue.

We also follow Several procedures also we offers a dynamic approach to group therapy. Group sessions are integrated into each individual’s treatment plan. this will be altered based on the individual’s specific needs and determined by the treatment team

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Our Values

1) Private and shared Bedroom
20 Beds are well furnished and ventilated

2) 24*7 Health Care Assistance
Our Staff Nurses are well trained to handle with any Psychiatric Emergency

3) 24*7 Patient Care Support
Our Care takers work closely with patients to ensure patient hygiene, Diet & Safety

4) 24*7 Patient Safety & Security
Our Security services are well trained & equipped to deal with violent patients

5) Laundry Service
Services provided for physically challenged and physically ill patients