Alcohol De-addiction
Drug De-addiction
Smoking De-addiction
Mental Health Scenario
Social Psychology
Prevention & Training

Center Facility

1) Private and shared Bedroom
20 Beds are well furnished and ventilated

2) 24*7 Health Care Assistance
Our Staff Nurses are well trained to handle with any Psychiatric Emergency

3) 24*7 Patient Care Support
Our Care takers work closely with patients to ensure patient hygiene, Diet & Safety

4) 24*7 Patient Safety & Security
Our Security services are well trained & equipped to deal with violent patients

5) Laundry Service
Services provided for physically challenged and physically ill patients


Our Skills

1) Indoor Activities

Activities like Dish TV, Carom board, Chess and other board games

2) Yoga & Fitness

It will become second nature and the mind will gain the ability to focus and trust

3) Group Therapy

Group therapy is defined as a form of psychotherapy in which a group of patients meets to discuss a common problem

4) Self Motivation

Make a deal with yourself, Being confident and self-motivated